Consistently above the national birth rate average in all measured categories*


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Dr. Elan Simckes is the founder and medical director of the Fertility Partnership in Saint Peters, Missouri. He has been a Reproductive Gynecologist for over 25 years.

He remains independent of corporate medicine and the financial pressures it puts on costs to the patients.

You do not need a referral to schedule  an appointment.


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Leading St. Louis IVF and Fertility Clinic

Fertility Partnership is a leading provider in the St. Louis region of in vitro fertilization and infertility services. Founded and directed by Dr. Elan Simckes, Fertility Partnership is independent of corporate medicine. Moreso, Dr. Simckes is a St. Louis infertility doctor that avoids gimmicks, providing his patients with only the best and most effective care. Fertility Partnership is proud to report live birth rates that are consistently superior to the national averages.

Cost of IVF

Many people simply can not afford the IVF cost and fall prey to gimmicks that supposedly offer a better value. Some clinics offer “shared risk programs”. That is where you pay for more than a round of IVF treatment cost upfront and are given certain assurances that you will have a successful outcome. There are even promises or guarantees to return money if all attempts failed. We decided against this practice because it felt gimmicky and ultimately just increases the “profit” made by clinics. The casino feel was a turn-off to us. We will just do our best at the lowest cost to patients.

A “fresh” IVF cycle will cost $12,000 on average in the United States. This does not include medications that can run anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. After a carefully monitored period of ovulation-inducing medication, eggs are transvaginally harvested and “mixed with” fresh sperm. A thin catheter is used to transfer one or two of the most beautiful embryos to the uterus.

IUI is significantly more affordable than in vitro fertilization for general infertility treatments like ovarian stimulation and intrauterine injections. They are however significantly less effective.

Prices for fertility treatment and testing can vary greatly between clinics. The level of competition among fertility clinics in a particular area will affect this. Infertility treatment mandates in certain states can also impact the cost of health insurance plans.

IVF Treatments for $10,200

 St. Louis Fertility Clinic Fertility Partnership is proud to offer one of the most affordable in vitro fertilization services throughout not only St. Louis but the region. Starting at just $10,200 our IVF treatments can include a variety of effective treatments that work to ensure a successful pregnancy. Our IVF treatments begin with an initial consultation. Following an initial consultation, an initial health workup begins which includes a physical, pelvic exam, blood tests, and ultrasounds. Once we’ve completed the health workup, we will work with you to develop the most effective and caring treatment plan.

I believe that physicians need to lower their expectations of what they will ”earn” from each cycle and be prepared to provide treatment to the increased number of couples who will seek care as it becomes more affordable. We are only taking care of a fourth of the patients in the USA who require in vitro fertilization and all that goes with it. Clinics need to just lower their prices and roll up their sleeves to work harder and provide good care for more people at our location 5401 Veterans Memorial Pkwy #201, St Peters, MO 63376.


Success Stories

  • My husband and I had tried for three years to have a baby before finding Dr. Simckes. We had an instant connection with Dr. Simckes, [who] came up with a plan specifically for us, [and we] welcomed our Simckes Twins — Isabella Elan and Corbin Dallas to the world on Feb 4, 2021. Dr. Simckes is an amazing doctor [and] I am forever thankful for everyone at Fertility Partnership.

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    Storey Atteberry
  • We couldn’t have done it without Dr. Elan Simckes. He never gave up. HE didn’t care about his stats he cared about making us a baby. His personal touch is not an attribute that you find in most physicians. The work he is doing makes dreams come true.

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    Matthew Smith
  • We were pregnant on our first IVF cycle and Dr. Simckes cared for us throughout the pregnancy. … Dr. Simckes fully understands this and he made sure that my husband was always informed. Our daughter, Taylor, is the greatest blessing God has ever given us and we are so grateful for the help of Dr. Simckes.

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    Vicki Strode