Using Insurance For Fertility Care

One of the most common challenges that couples face when pursuing fertility care is the financial component – and it’s understandable. Fertility treatments can be costly, and can sometimes require multiple forms of procedure before you’re able to grow your family – but there are options available to make this affordable.

Your first stop should be your insurance coverage. While it can be surprising to some, many insurances do offer fairly comprehensive fertility coverage that can help pay for part of, or all of the treatment. We know, insurance can be a little confusing – so we can do the heavy lifting for you. Share your insurance details with us, and our team will call your insurance company to confirm coverage for you.

Welcome to a world where hope meets opportunity, where the journey to parenthood is not bound by financial constraints.

We Accept Most Major Insurances

Below are just some of the insurances that we accept for treatments like IVF. Don’t see yours? Reach out today and we can complete an insurance benefits check for you, to ensure you feel in the know about your insurance coverage.


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Expert Care: Our team of experienced fertility specialists is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care every step of the way.

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Supportive Environment: We understand the emotional toll of fertility treatments and provide a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and empowered throughout your journey.

Proven Success: Our clinic has a track record of success, helping countless individuals and couples achieve their dream of parenthood.

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Embarking on your fertility journey shouldn’t be hindered by financial concerns. At Fertility Partnership, we’re dedicated to making fertility treatments affordable and accessible for everyone. Schedule a consultation today to explore your options and take the first step towards building the family you’ve always dreamed of.

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