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Fertility Partnership has been identified as a Top program in Missouri by our Live Birth Rates published in Atlanta by the CDC.

Military-300x199Recently the plight of infertility among veterans was highlighted in the national media.  As the VA and TRICARE typically do not cover fertility treatments, our military heroes are left stranded and unable to build their families. One veteran who is confined to a wheelchair and will require his sperm to be extracted directly from the testicle (TESE or TEFNA) was quoted over thirty thousand dollars at another clinic. This is absolutely outrageous.

At Fertility Partnership we will perform the In vitro fertilization cycle which includes all the ultrasounds, the egg retrieval, the ICSI or injection of sperm into the eggs, and the embryo transfer all for $8800. This does not include medications (which are usually $3-5000 which is paid to a pharmacy.)  It does include all your visits, ultrasounds, egg retrieval, culturing of embryos, transfer of embryos, freezing of embryos, and storage of embryos for up to one year. Many men, especially of our wounded warriors require the sperm to be directly taken from the testicle a procedure known as TESE or TEFNA. This is a very simple and safe procedure where we carefully numb the scrotum and remove sperm from the testicle. Many programs will charge you thousands of dollars for TESE but we will do it for free for any veteran of our Armed Forces.

It is our honor to help you.

So come to Missouri, the Show-Me State, where we will show you how we honor our heroes and want you, especially you, to build strong families.

Our Medical Director and Founder, Dr. D Elan Simckes, spent three years in the military as a combat soldier and understands the sacrifice made on a very personal level. He will get to know you and plan out the most effective path to building your family.

Contact us for more information or call the office at 314.614.7770.

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