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Fertility Partnership- Lower Costs and Higher Success

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Fertility Partnership: A Leader in the Field of Infertility

So why did Fertility Partnership, fondly known as FP to our “graduates”, become a leading program in Missouri? Our program, 15 minutes from the center of Creve Couer is in St. Charles County along highway 70. FP beat out other huge programs that have been around for over twenty years. How did we do that and still keep our costs significantly lower than the average? This is a battle that our founder and medical Director, Dr D. Elan Simckes has been fighting for many years. The answer is that you just don’t need to overcharge people; a program has to simply be willing to make less per case.

 But lowering costs is not the only answer. Other clinics around the country have lower their costs to almost ridiculously low amount but this has led to a drop in their success rates. There is a mythic in danger and that if you lower cost it will affect the quality of care.

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