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Endometriosis- The Infertility Approach

MommyBaby-300x200Endometriosis is extremely common-it affects 7% of all women and 25% or more of all women suffering from infertility. Many times it is discovered in women who really aren’t trying to get pregnant, they are suffering from pelvic pain, but want to preserve their ability to have children. It is important to understand that a fertility doctor will treat you surgically differently than a pelvic surgeon who is not interested in fertility. A pelvic surgeon who is not focused on fertility preservation may create more problems. It is important to know your surgeon before you proceed because sometimes the treatment can create significant scarring and loss of eggs.

Women suffering from endometriosis sometimes have a terrible amount of pain and will do anything including risking their own fertility to be relieved of the pain. I don’t think there is a surgeon who would deny that the best way to relieve the pain is to perform her surgery that “exercises” or removes the endometriosis lesions. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to a lot more scarring and perhaps the loss of ovarian reserve or egg supply. A Fertility Surgeon will approach the problem from a point of view that tries to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. If the Endometriosis is severe then the surgical approach will be designed to maximize your chances of getting pregnant on your own, or with in-vitro fertilization– IVF, if that is what is necessary.

Dr. Simckes Is a member of the Society Of Reproductive Surgeons and will treat your endometriosis in such a way as to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. He has performed over 1000 surgeries for Endometriosis.

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