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New Patients

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As a leading fertility clinic, Fertility Partnership understands that undergoing fertility treatment can be a daunting process. The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re searching for help and for answers. If you have yet to take the first steps or feel lost or frustrated because “so much time was wasted” then please articulate these feelings when you come. Many people have techno-phobia, fear or mistrust of the science, while others have deep reservations due to religious or philosophical concerns. We want to know how you feel, your concerns and your fears so we can work with you and create a good team effort to build your family.

At your first visit, expect to spend about an hour in the office. Please bring any and all records that you have or can get to the appointment. If you’ve asked that the records be forwarded, please call ahead to make sure that they have arrived at our office. This will save us time. If a semen-analysis has not been done and likely to be required then please have the man abstain for at least 48 hours (but not more than 7 days). The man can expect the specimen will be collected in our very private, confidential, “semen collection room.” You can also feel free to call ahead to discuss any financial questions that you may have with our staff. Please know that if you have health insurance most often we can bill for your visit. Obviously, there will be some expenses but if you call ahead you will have an idea as to what they are.

When you arrive at the Fertility Partnership you will meet our doctor, Dr. Elan Simckes and will likely spend anywhere from a half an hour to an hour getting to know each other, which some people claim is what makes Fertility partnership so successful.

Initial Workup, Diagnostic Testing, Surgery

After the consultation, you will meet with the medical staff to begin an initial health workup, including a physical exam, a pelvic exam, any necessary blood tests, ultrasounds and for men, a semen analysis. Before we create a plan of action, we need a complete picture of your health so that we can understand the particular issues you face. The initial workup may reveal that you need additional diagnostic testing to determine the root cause or causes of infertility.

Treatment Plan

You’ll close your first visit to the Fertility Partnership by meeting with Dr. Simckes. He’ll go over your test results, step by step, and suggest a plan of action, whether it be diagnostic testing, surgery, medication or other fertility treatments such as IVF. Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Simckes as many questions as you would like. This is your time to gain a complete understanding of your next steps on your journey to having a baby.

In many cases, your fertility plan will include a list of medications. We’ll go over each medication, as well as dosing schedules and methods, in detail. You will have a dedicated Care Liaison just phone call away around the clock if you need help.