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Tubal Reversal Versus Invocell-Self IVF


 Tubal Reversal Surgery or “Self IVF” with Invocell

Self IVF with Invocell has many advantages over Tubal Reversal


Many couples call us with the dilemma of whether to undergo a tubal reversal surgery or go straight to IVF. We believe we have an excellent option for you in “Self IVF” which utilizes the Invocell device. This device has reduced the cost of IVF by thousands of dollars. Now the cost of IVF is nearly the same as having a tubal reversal. Imagine that.

How does it work?

During an Invocell cycle you are stimulated like you would during an IVF cycle but less aggressively with medications. You undergo an egg retrieval just like in IVF. After the eggs are removed they are loaded into the Invocell device and then you carry it in the vagina safely and soundly for the allotted number of days. When you return to the clinic the device is removed from the vagina, opened in the lab, and then an embryo or embryos are transferred to the uterus as they would with IVF. Any extra embryos may be frozen for future pregnancy. The Self IVF program minimizes the amount of medication you need to use and the number of days you miss from work. The Invocell device, minimizes the cost of utilizing the laboratory and staff and that dramatically brings down the cost of IVF.

Does the Invocell device work well? Reports have shown that the success rates are the same as traditional forms of IVF for patients who have undergone tubal ligation.

So why is Invocell better than a tubal reversal?

  • With Self IVF you will only be required to take one day off from work, on the day of the retrieval. You will have three other office appointments in total during the process. Tubal reversal is performed through a small C-section scar that will limit your activity so you will miss 14 days of work at the very minimum if not longer.
  • Self IVF with Invocell allows you achieve your pregnancy faster. After tubal reversal you may not know if the process has worked for a year or more. At Fertility Partnership we perform a hysterosalpingogram or dye test and demonstrate that we have at least one tube open. However, we would not declare the process a failure unless another year goes by with no pregnancy. With Self IVF with Invocell you will know if you are pregnant within two weeks.
  • The tubal reversal is far more uncomfortable than Self IVF with Invocell. The C-section scar from tubal reversal, although it’s smaller than a traditional C-section, still hurts a lot more than whatever you go through with Self IVF.

Some people thinking they may want more than just one more child and therefore would prefer a tubal reversal. On the other hand, Self IVF with Invocell may provide extra embryos that can be frozen for later pregnancy.


The total cost of Self IVF with Invocell, including medications, is $8300.

I guess for many it just boils down to the cost. At this time, tubal reversal costs proximally $6000. Self IVF with Invocell is $8300, including medications!  For some it is important to get the pregnancy going as soon as possible. In that case, it’s Self IVF with Invocell hands down. If you can’t miss work then go with the Self IVF. If you don’t do well with pain, Self IVF with Invocell will be much less painful than an incision on your abdomen.

So why go to a surgeon who operates on you for a few hours and you really don’t know what was done or not done. You don’t even know what your tubes look like as you recuperate with pain over a few weeks. Many surgeons don’t even perform a dye test or hysterosalpingogram  so you are left wondering if they are open. You are told to go home and “try” for a year. With Self IVF with Invocell you will know what is happening and get your results in a far more timely fashion.

To us it seems pretty straightforward which way to go. If you’d like more information than call our fertility clinic at 636-441-7770.


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