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Semen Analysis

Let’s face it, providing a semen specimen can be a very embarrassing experience for men. If you are sent to a traditional lab then you can expect to be handed a cup, typically from a woman who says to go to the public restroom and provide a sample. For some men, it seems so awkward that they just won’t do it. That can be a disaster for couples who are struggling with infertility.

At Fertility Partnership you will arrive and your information will be taken at the front desk and then a lab technician will take you down to our special “semen collection room”. It is private, secluded, and soundproofed. When you’re done you leave it in a special place in the room and just walk out the door. Our staff will call you with results usually within 24 hours. Our cost is typically less than half of what you will pay at the standard laboratories.

This is why getting a semen analysis is so important.

I have seen a couple where the woman received 11 cycles of Clomid without the sperm being checked. That is ridiculous and in fact, that man’s sperm count turned out to be dismally low and so they had wasted a lot of time, effort, and money. Please get it checked. You can choose to have a free fertility consultation once the results are in. If you are a veteran, you may receive lower costs.

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