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Revitalizing In-Vitro Fertilization by Lower Cost

People who are struggling to build their families need hope and an inviting setting to seek their dream. I am the founder and director of  Fertility Partnership, with now more than twenty years of experience helping struggling couples.  So what drove me to create the peaceful, spa-like environment along Highway 70 in St Peters, Missouri?

For years I watched desperate couples endure and risk so much to achieve their dream. Many were so obviously stressed that it had to impact their success. While in the process of creating the clinic I had dreamed of—a warm, inviting, friendly place for couples struggling with infertility, the US economy tumbled. I realized that there was no better way to reduce the stress of infertility treatments than by making in-vitro fertilization as affordable as I could.  Reducing fees also gave me some ethical authority to tell a couple that this is what they must do if they want a baby. I know that I have provided them with the best chance of success at the lowest cost possible and can adamantly direct them in the direction they need to go.

Instead of a cold, hospital setting, the clinic like is designed to be different. There are bamboo floors, soothing colors, and an open feel—not the customary sliding glass windows that keep patients on one side and staff on the other. Fertility Partnership is located in St. Peters, away from the crowded and busy city but close enough to be convenient and this helps couples focus on their journey. When you go to a physician to help you have a baby, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to climb the mountain to the ivory tower. The process shouldn’t feel like it’s the launching of the space shuttle. Treatment should feel more routine because issues of infertility are common with one in seven couples having difficulties.

My laboratory team has been assembled from among the top 10 fertility programs in the country and has a combined 50 years of experience treating infertility. Our Lab Director, Lisa Ray is a veteran of over 20 years of experience and has thousands of babies to her team’s credit. For additional information about Fertility Partnership and our team visit

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