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Ovarian Rejuvenation: PRP-Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma could improve egg quantity or quality- Ovarian RejuvenationOvarian Rejuvenation

PRP Ovarian is $1400 at Fertility Partnership with Anesthesia

Medicine has, until recently, assumed that there are a finite number of eggs in a women’s ovaries. Two decades ago stem cells, cells that can in theory become eggs, exist in a women’s ovary throughout her menstruating life, and beyond. It has been shown that we can take your own blood from a vein, centrifuge and treat it and extract a portion of it called “Platelet-Rich Plasma”, nicknamed PRP. That concentrated portion of your blood, PRP, contains various chemical factors that can stimulate those stem cells that may cause more good or viable eggs to be available. For women who are not yet or ever comfortable using donor eggs, this may offer a chance to get the eggs you need for their baby. This process is called “PRP treatment for IVF”.

The PRP therapy process involves collecting your blood, processing it and extracting the protein-rich plasma, then performing a PRP injection directly into the ovaries. This ovarian PRP therapy is usually very uncomfortable and so we perform it under light sedation and some local anesthesia. Although there are many protocols and no consensus (as this treatment is new and not yet mainstream), it makes the most sense to do this 3 months before the intended cycle. Some programs recommend multiple treatments as their protocol. At Fertility Partnership, we perform the treatment and monitor your blood and ultrasound antral follicle counts-AFC every 2 weeks, if possible, and will repeat the protocol based on those results. Once we see hormonal and/or follicle changes will plan your cycle.

It has also been shown in clinical studies that PRP that is injected with a catheter into the uterus can thicken the thin endometrium. It is believed that those factors that stimulate eggs in the ovary, and in the uterus, stimulate the cells that make the endometrium. For women who have struggled to get their lining thick enough for a transfer, this may be an answer for them.

PRP treatment for IVF, or ovarian rejuvenation, is very low risk to the patient. PRP has been injected into humans for many reasons. it has been used for everything from nerve regeneration to planters fasciitis. The blood products are the patient’s own and infection is rare. We cover you with oral antibiotics to be safe. Pain felt by the patient is variable. Some women can have PRP therapy done without any help, but we believe that some lidocaine to the vaginal wall and some sedation make it very tolerable.

In Summary, PRP injection is safe. For a woman who is potentially looking at having to give up on her own ovarian reserve, we believe that this PRP treatment offers hope for a good result. Preliminary studies and anecdotal reports support the safety and the likelihood that future studies will show a clear benefit. However, in the meantime, there are women who need hope now, and so, Fertility Partnership has joined those already offering this PRP treatment in our usual fertility clinic style: keep it as inexpensive as possible without lowering success.

Call the office and ask for the PRP Coordinator- Erica Voegtlin. Tel. 636-441-7770

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    Yes, I dream to have a baby right now. Many doctors failed to communicate with me because I am deaf then Covid pandemic was unexpected! I pray for a miracle this YEAR! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Email me instead of call so I can understand better. Thank you

    1. Dr. Elan Simckes

      I would be honored to help. We could video id you read lips. Otherwisde we can text.
      What are the issues?

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