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Is Somebody Imitating Fertility Partnership?

A clinic in Chesterfield, Missouri is advertising under the name Fertility Partnership.

When we first saw another clinic in Chesterfield, Missouri using our name we were annoyed. We have been proudly using the name Fertility Partnership for over 6 years and so why would they try to rip-off our name? It is said that “emulation is the sincerest form of flattery” and that is why they are imitating Fertility Partnership.

At our clinic in Saint Peters, Missouri we are providing state-of-the-art reproductive healthcare in a caring environment. Our success rates are superior and we are constantly improving our technology because fertility medicine is always advancing. We do not offer unproven technological toys that add cost but no better success rates. We do not recommend MicroMini protocols that end up costing patients so much more and with lower success rates.  We give couples a chance to achieve a pregnancy without pushing them into expensive protocols.

Why is FP different and why does that clinic want to copy cat our name? Because Fertility Partnership has something special. Maybe it is a love of what we do. Maybe it is integrity. Our patients will tell you that we are here to help you, not profiteer from you. Check out Social Media and you will see the comments.

So don’t be fooled by imitators. Come to the real Fertility Partnership for IVF treatment in Saint Peters, Missouri. We are along highway 70, just 15 minutes from the center of Creve Couer.

Contact us for more information or call the office at 314.614.7770.

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