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Hysterosalpingogram-the dye test

The Dye Test-Hysterosalpingogram At a Reasonable Price


The hysterosalpingogram-HSG, commonly called “the dye test” was once a key component of every patient’s fertility investigation. It is now being done less frequently. The main reason for its decreased usage is cost. At Fertility Partnership we have partnered with Berland Radiology of Creve Couer, Missouri to provide HSG at a reasonable price-$550.

If a doctor sends a patient to a hospital to have an HSG they can be billed as much as $2000-$3000. Even if the patient “has insurance” for the diagnosis and investigation of infertility, and, the hospital tells the patient that they accept their insurance very often the patient still get bills as high as $1500-$2000. In my opinion it is insane and just not fair. As a result many doctors no longer refer their patients out for hysterosalpingograms because of the unreasonable cost. This is not good.

It has long been known that when dye is injected through a woman’s tubes many couples get pregnant spontaneously. I tell patients that if the sperm count is normal, if you having regular periods and presumably ovulating, and we do the HSG and it is normal, then perhaps 30 to 40% of the couples will be pregnant within 3 to 6 months. A study published now in January 2018 quoted similar numbers and pointed out that the quote oil-based dies” are even superior than the water-based dies. Unfortunately oil-based dies are not available in the USA but, the point is we must not abandon this test.

Feel free to contact our office at 636-441-7770 schedule a hysterosalpingogram with us or any other services we offer. If you require our services just for HSG please let the front desk know when you schedule. You will not need to meet our doctor prior to the procedure. Please let us know about any prior pelvic surgeries and allergies to iodine or shellfish when you schedule. The entire test takes 15 minutes and you will be able to go home immediately afterward.

When you call you will be asked to pay $250 by credit card and then the procedure will be scheduled at Berland Radiology where the remaining balance will be paid.

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