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The Right Clinic for You

Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

There are many factors that should go into making the choice for a St. Louis fertility clinic. But, choosing a clinic just because the doctor has been on TV or ”World Famous” is not one of them. Quite frankly it is ludicrous. Why wouldn’t you go to the clinic with the highest success rates reported by the CDC? We would not recommend letting cost be your guide, although for many it might have to be the deciding factor. Imagine if the program with the highest Live Birth Rate was also the least expensive. Well, you don’t need to imagine because it is true.

Assuming that you need advanced reproductive technology, IVF something similar, you should be very, very thoughtful in your decision. Some important considerations might be:

• Proximity to a clinic – if there is only one clinic in your area and travel is not an option then you are locked in.
• You have been successful in the past with that clinic- it worked so why switch?
• Friends had a very good experience at a particular clinic-nothing like first-hand testimonials.
• Your interview with the clinic went well
• Social Media, the most accurate way to evaluate the potential experience. Clinics can’t just take down reviews.
• Perhaps the most important- you reviewed the clinic’s success rates published by the CDC and they were acceptable to you.

Why would you ever base your decision on a doctor’s ability to get him/herself on TV? Isn’t it more important to know the doctor’s success rates? Don’t you think bedside manner is important? What is aid about the doctor on social media? Is he nice to his patients?

Go to and see where the clinic ranks. Go to Facebook or other social media outlets to learn about the doctor’s interactions with patients. IVF is a very expensive dart to throw at a balloon. Nobody can promise you success an if they do then they are being dishonest. You need to pick a clinic that has a high success rate and makes you feel cared for.

At Fertility Partnership we are proud of our success rates and the strong relationships we have with our patients. Visit our Facebook page and see for your self as well as our new technology.

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