Consistently above the national birth rate average in all measured categories*

Stay in the USA for IVF

Why Go Overseas for IVF?  Stay in the USA

Dream, Believe, and Conceive in America’s Heartland, Missouri

The high cost of in vitro fertilization in the United States is driving many American couples to travel to other countries. Now there is no reason to consider leaving the USA because IVF is available for similar costs and superior success rates.

The Fertility Partnership is offering in-vitro fertilization at costs significantly below the national average while maintaining  “live birth rates” that you can verify at the Center For Disease Control’s website. The latest data published from the CDC reports FP’s birth rate of 61.9% for women under 35 with fresh embryos. That places FP in the top 5th percentile in the USA, better than all the programs in Florida, Massachusetts, and Ohio to name a few.  Fertility Partnership surpasses the overseas programs that are luring USA couples to their far less successful programs.

Why did FP decide to provide their services for less? The short answer is to just come to Missouri and meet our team and then you will see the dedication and character of the staff. However, if you need to understand why one of the least expensive programs is also one of the most successful then you must read about the founder Dr. David Elan Simckes. Read the Newsweek article written in 2010 about his goal to bring costs down while improving quality. “Why Is IVF So Expensive In the United States?” was written by a reporter who was impressed by the number of USA couples sitting in an airport in Europe. She came home and found the Fertility Partnership and wrote the article. If you read it you will understand the motivation. Meet the Founder of this St. Louis fertility clinic, Dr. Simckes as he explains FP’s mission.                      

What are the actual costs?

  • $10,200 for workup, monitoring/stimulation, egg retrieval, a culture of embryos and embryo transfer.
  • Medications are a big cost. Typically they run over $5000 in the USA. We can help with ways to get these medications for significantly less.
  • $400 goes to an outside lab during stimulation if your insurance won’t cover labs. We conveniently have Labcorp in our office to provide lower pricing for the labs. 
  • $600 if you need to freeze embryos. $300 goes to freezing and $300 goes to storing for the first year.

Before you decide to leave the USA, you should also calculate the costs of traveling overseas. Airline tickets, hotels, and food add significant costs. Flights to Saint Louis are a fraction.  You will also lose less time off work by coming to Fertility Partnership. Once we know you, we will be able to monitor you remotely so you will be here only a few days and minimize your lost work revenue. As so many of our patients come from out-of-state we have become adept at managing patients across state lines.

Then there is also the issue of the Stress the travel induces in a person who is already strained because of infertility. Stress is an almost immeasurable cause of infertility and miscarriage. Missouri may not be home but it will feel familiar and you will appreciate the laid-back nature of the Midwest.

Come to Fertility Partnership, just 15 minutes from St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport. If you have a Dream, we will get you to Believe, and help you Conceive right here in the USA.

Who knows? We might even make you into a Cardinals fan.