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Beat the Biological Clock

Leading IVF Clinic offers Egg Freezing and preservation for $4,000. 

What will happen if you run out of eggs before you complete your family? Do you know what it costs to buy Donor Eggs? Do you want Donor Eggs?  Freezing your own Eggs is the answer.

Freeze your Eggs for $4000, or repeat as many cycles as needed until 12 Eggs frozen  for $7000

Freeze Your Eggs?

Let us help you protect your ability to have a child. Think about this:

  • Google and Facebook will pay for their employees to have it done. These companies revolutionized our lives and have proven over and over again that they understand how the world is changing.
  • The USA Military now has a program to study egg freezing for US soldiers. The armed forces actively study how younger people think and realize how important it is to plan for their future post service.

Freezing your eggs offers an opportunity to preserve your ability to have a child when you are ready. It can liberate you from the stress of your biological clock.

At Fertility Partnership we will assess, treat, monitor, retrieve, and freeze your eggs for $4,000.  This does not include the cost of medications that will be paid to a pharmacy. To ensure your chances of having a baby,  it is best to have 12 mature eggs frozen but not everyone is able to produce that many at one attempt.  We offer a plan to repeat the cycle as many times as needed until you reach 12 mature eggs frozen for $7,000.

It used to be almost impossible to freeze human eggs, but with the newer technology, “vitrification”, we can reliably freeze and thaw them. As a result, just like sperm banks, “Egg Banks” have sprung up across the country. But did you know that egg banks charge $2-2500 per frozen egg? Why not just save your own?

So if you are in no rush to start your family but want to preserve your fertility, think about oocyte cryopreservation. For local women it means one day off from work and a few early morning ultrasounds.  If you are from out of town you need to plan to be here for approximately two to four days (usually a weekend). The eggs can remain frozen indefinitely. The first year of freezing is included in the $4,000, but after that yearly storage fees are applied. When you are ready to conceive, Fertility Partnership will be happy to thaw and fertilize the eggs and get you pregnant in Missouri,  or we will be happy to ship them wherever you may choose.

Come to Missouri and receive the highest quality of care at half the cost of the East or West Coast because the cost of living is much lower here.  We have frozen eggs from women from literally across the USA.

Contact us for more information or call the office at 314.614.7770.

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