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Fibroids: Your Options

Fibroid-297x300Having fibroids does not mean you need a hysterectomy.

If you want to save your uterus, you usually can. Don’t be pressured into hysterectomy. But if you need a hysterectomy then choose the right type. At Fertility Partnership we’ll help you get what you want.

Fibroid tumors are benign, noncancerous, growths in a woman’s uterus. They are very common and sometimes cause problems. Most of the time they’re small and cause no issues at all, but for others it may lead to increased bleeding, pain, painful intercourse, surgery, and infertility. I am writing this because many women who suffer from fibroids can be pressured to “just having it all taken out”. For some that truly is the way to go, but, not all want to go that route. I have built my career on giving patients options and adhering to the medical ethics principle of “Autonomy” which dictates that we physicians must do what we are told- as long as there is benefit to you and the risks are low.

The first thing we will do when you call our office is bring you in.  The doctor will meet with you and review your history, prior surgeries and your complaints.  He will then perform an an ultrasound and explain what he is seeing on the screen.  Fibroids cause problems not only because they can be large, but also because of where they are located.  He will try to correlate your symptoms to what is visible by ultrasound. These facts will dictate what choices you have to manage them.

There are several choices in managing fibroids. Most are surgical and some are not. All will be reviewed at your appointment. It is important to know before you come in whether or not you want to have more children. Preserving the uterus is our specialty but we also perform hysterectomies when that is the right course of action. We offer all of the minimally invasive, laparoscopic types of hysterectomy that will get you on your feet and back to your daily activities ASAP.

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