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Fertility Care with Confidentiality


Fertility Care with Confidentiality


Many famous people need fertility care but avoid it because of fear of public exposure. Valuable time may be lost and ovarian reserve depleted while you fret over how to proceed. Being a public figure has its benefits and its curses. We understand that and can help. Find out why people fly in from LA and NYC to Fertility Partnership.

At Fertility Partnership we have cared for Grammy award winners, movie actors, television personalities, and politicians. We have successfully helped many achieve pregnancy while jealously guarding their privacy…and we don’t rip you off just because you are well known.

How do we do it and why are we successful?

  • We are in the Midwest and there are no Paparazzi camped outside our clinic.
  • We provide concierge service-direct cell phone contact with doctor and office manager.
  • Your chart will be coded and an alias will be used.
  • Door to door, private car service with back entry so no need to walk through waiting rooms.
  • We will book your room under our name in a hotel with no mandatory lobby entry such as a Marriot Courthouse.
  • In the Midwest our overhead is lower than larger metropolitan areas.

The Fertility Partnership has successful live birth rates published by the CDC in Atlanta proving that we are a top program. Have no doubt, we provide state-of-the-art fertility care for typically much less than what you pay on either coast.

If you would like to begin the conversation you may email us anonymously at and ask for a confidential conversation with our doctor. He usually reponds within 24-48 hours to emails. You can also call directly and anonymously to our office at 314-614-7770 and ask for Tami Nolen, our office manager. Just let the desk know that it is a “Confidential Consult”. Once you are a patient with us you will have direct cell phone contact with Dr Simckes, the fertility coordinator, and the office manager.

We understand that struggling with infertility is hard enough and much worse when it is aired in public.