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Freeze your Eggs


Stop the Biological Clock. 

Leading IVF Clinic offers to Collect and Freeze your Eggs for Future Use at a Lower Cost. 

Fertility Partnership has built a reputation as the clinic that has found a way to lower costs and also keep success rates high.As women are waiting longer to start their families and finding themselves running out of biological time, storing your own eggs when you are younger is a wise move. 

Freeze Your Eggs?

Egg freezing offers an opportunity to preserve your ability to have a child when you are ready. It can liberate you from the stress of your biological clock.

At Fertility Partnership we will assess, treat, monitor, retrieve, and freeze your eggs for $5000.  This does not include the cost of medications that will be paid to a pharmacy. Also, remember there are storage fees that currently are $600/year. You have the option of transferrering to long term storage facility. 

To ensure your chances of having a baby,  it is best to have 12 mature eggs frozen but not everyone is able to produce that many at one attempt. So at Fertility Partnership repeat cycles are discounted by 20%.

Come to Missouri and receive the highest quality of care at half the cost of the East or West Coast. We freeze and store eggs from women from across the USA and overseas.

Contact us for more information or call the office at 636.441.7770.

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