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Have a Baby in Missouri, USA- Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy at Fertility Partnership in Missouri


Having a family should be everyone’s right. At Fertility Partnership we are aware that many countries around the world and even some states within the USA have made it legally impossible. In our state, Missouri, in the heart of the United States, we are able to provide the services in an environment that is very favorable for gestational surrogacy.  We are aware that many people will spend well over $100,000 for this service. We have spoken to some couples that have spent much, much more. We try to keep costs down and can usually do it for significantly less.

Here are the costs as we anticipate them at our program.

  • Gestational carrier-$25-$30,000
  • Frozen Eggs- $10,000 (eight eggs purchased from a third-party egg bank)
  • Fertilization, Culture, Preparation of surrogate, Transfer of embryos-$10,000
  • Legal fees, including surrogacy contract and adoption-$10-$15,000
  • Laboratory fees (blood tests to third-party labs)- $1000- $2000
  • The cost of care during pregnancy and delivery may be covered by the surrogate’s insurance but could cost $10-$15,000 if not covered.
  • Travel expenses for you
  • Travel expenses for our surrogates should be low as we tend to use local women

At Fertility partnership we will work with a local attorney or any attorney that you choose. We are also happy to work with any “concierge service” with whom you may have already contracted.

If you would like more information please email us at or call us directly at USA-636-441-7770.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream.

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