Consistently above the national birth rate average in all measured categories*


Over the past few weeks, we’ve received many questions from our patients and social media community about the impact of COVID-19 on their fertility treatment. Here, we answer your most common questions and hope to provide some insight. What is our availability and hours right now? Answer: Our hours of operation are 8a.m. until 2p.m....
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So you are ready to build your family. You have stopped using contraceptives of all kinds and stocked up on a few home pregnancy tests. A few months go by and nothing happens. You start to worry. Your doctor reassures you that you are young enough and healthy enough “So just relax.” You might even...
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Fertility Partnership recently expanded their office space to accommodate the growing team and new patients. As the volume of patients has tripled over the last year it was necessary to enlarge for the increased volume of patients. The rapid growth of this clinic was caused because a year ago Fertility Partnership’s “live birth rates” were published...
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