Consistently above the national birth rate average in all measured categories*


Dr. Elan Simckes
Overweight patients face discrimination in the  fertility world. Obesity affects over 35% of the American public. It’s associated with many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. Obesity is also associated with infertility most often because of  PCOS-polycystic ovarian syndrome. As infertility affects one in seven couples, many obese women find themselves...
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Do you want a baby someday but aren’t ready yet? Perhaps building your career, looking for the right partner, or enjoying some one-on-one time with your love before jumping onto the baby bandwagon?  “Of course I have plenty of time,” you’re probably thinking. The truth is, women only have a finite number of eggs and...
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Approximately 20% of couples struggling to get pregnant are told that they have “unexplained infertility“. After examinations and tests, the doctor states there is no known medical reason to explain why they haven’t conceived.
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Genetic screening techniques that allow parents to choose their children’s gender are now more accurate than ever and are becoming increasingly mainstream, but experts are divided over whether the technology should be used in this way. Learn More
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Advances in such fields as energy and medicine are poised to have transforming impacts in the next decade on the way we live. Learn More
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